The program is part of Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiative launched in late 2017 with a similar program tested with Cintrifuse and Spry Labs.


The Kroger Co.’s 2017-born Zero Hunger | Zero Waste social impact plan has a new element, thanks to a partnership with Spry Labs and Cintrifuse. 


Spry Labs in Cincinnati is bucking the trend of high failure rate in venture creation by focusing on quickly validating concepts and working alongside large corporations to solve big problems.


HealthVerity, a Philadelphia-based health data startup, announced a $10 million Series B funding round just over a month after being crowned the champion of the March 17 Spry Labs event in Cincinnati.


Spry Labs and Don Wright, co-founder of Mason-based Assurex Health and former chief operating officer of the company, is seeking innovative solutions to the rapidly growing incidence of suicide. 


Weekend data jams are gaining in popularity. Don't be surprised if your employer asks you to spend a weekend with your colleagues and gives you 48 hours to devise a solution to a nagging work problem. It happens once every quarter at Cincinnati...


A word from our Spry Labs Managing Director.

That’s a wrap on Spry Labs’ March 2017 Data Jam with Humana – the second of its kind in less than a year!


Humana Inc. wants to create a sort of for its customers and the health care providers that take care of them.


Fixing problems in health care and then finding a market for those solutions is the mission of a new venture based at Over-the-Rhine's Union Hall.


The Venture-Building Studio Aims to Help Stakeholders Solve Healthcare Industry Problems.